Nate and Andrew

I love shooting with my cute mate Andrew Tran. Since we met last year I have done a bunch of solo shoots with him. Usually with me getting him off in his videos. Andrew wanted to start doing some couple shoots with our mates. I remembered Nate Anderson talking about how cute Andrew is. So I invited him over to meet Andrew, take some photos and make a hot video with him. Well the photo shoot was a lot of fun. I got some great shots of the boys playing with each other in their jockstraps. But wait until you see the video we made. There’s a lot of action on the bed and in the shower. I can tell that Andrew loves sucking on Nate’s fat cock. He actually can’t hold back and blows a load of cum on Andrew’s face in the shower. Make sure you hang around to see Andrew’s big load of cum dripping down his balls too. I really liked filming this one.



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