Boy Tom: The Appraisal

Don’t let the suit and tie fool you. Yes, I have a good education, a comfortable lifestyle, and I know quality when I see it. But beneath the fine wools and silks, I’m just a man. A man of muscle, flesh, and bone. And despite the expectations of society and the men I consider colleagues, I can feel like a wild beast.

When Tom stood to be inspected, I could feel my tongue drown in saliva, desperate for a taste. Now, of course, I’m permitted to sample the goods of the owners when it comes time to evaluate their property. But it’s hard to hold back my bestial desire to bite and breed their delicious ample backsides.

As I wrapped up my observation, I felt something deep inside me, seemingly scratching at the inside of my skin, as if it was a caged creature hiding beneath my chest. It was the beast, the animal, the wildness inside me begging to come out. As much as my mind wanted to assess and critique, that deep, hungry part of me wanted to come out and conquer.

Taking off my clothes, letting my cock free, and sliding it between his cheeks, I felt a primal dominance that must surely be reserved for lions. I gripped the side of his hips like I was pawing at prey, punched my throbbing cock through his sphincter, and moved my way inside him with a fierce, aggressive advance.

Thrusting my hips like a jackhammer, I filled him up with every inch of my manhood, pushing further than I thought possible. Tom took it all, not without a fair amount of struggle, but he never retreated or backed away from my pounding.

As I neared my inevitable climax, all I could think about was how my seed would fill the young boy’s hole, seeking out the means of reproduction deep in his gut, desperate to carry on my mark. The thought of his hole hungrily gobbling up every drop of me made my balls fill up, flooding over until I felt the rapturous burst of jizz escape the tip of my shaft…


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