Party Favor

The holidays represent a special time for the buyers. As they sit around a cozy fire, sharing libations and laughter, they’re well taken care of by the boys that serve them. Some provide pleasant backrubs, some serve drinks, and others just simply give the men their bodies to view and touch.

The boys do their best to satisfy the needs of the horny men. Boys Cole and Troye sit beside Master Legrand, flanking him on the couch as he eagerly unsheaths their cocks from their black jockstraps. He kisses up and down Troye’s smooth, toned body, feeling his youthful flesh tight against his fine suit. He pulls out his hard member, feeling the boy’s arousal for him growing, and takes it into his mouth as a fitting chaser for his drink.

Boy Marcus grinds up against Master Houser, giving him a lap dance of sorts as the handsome older man watches him inspire an erection. Master Houser loves being able to sit back and let the boy do the work of getting him hard, knowing that he’s saving his energy for the intense fucking he’s going to give him once he’s fully hard.

Master Charger moans in the back, sitting closest to the fire and first to feel the heat of a boy’s mouth on his member. Boy Jack unzips his fly and patiently brings the silver daddy’s cock to his lips, letting an exhale of warm breath pass over his exposed dick before taking it to the back of his throat…


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