Boy River

I handled the slave boy River’s genitals in my hand, feeling their heat and weight. He was fully engorged within moments, giving me a real sense of what he had to offer. I could tell he hadn’t cum in some time. He was sensitive to my touch and practically trembled from simply cradling his testicles in my fingers.

When I leaned in to give the head of his cock a taste, a glistening bead of pre-cum escaped, as if letting me know he was ready to be taken.

I turned him around to tease his hole. My wet fingers navigated his sphincter, feeling it tighten and loosen with each breath. I couldn’t tell if he was subconsciously trying to fight me or let me in. Either way, my dominant digit found its way inside.

River’s moans echoed into the dark void. Despite the few onlookers watching us, it felt like it was just me and him.

When he was properly presented, oiled, and ready to to try out, I gestured for my buddy, Master Houser, to come out from the dark. The handsome man had been eyeing River for months, his mouth watering at every glimpse of him. He wanted him more than most, and I knew he would pay a lot for the chance to claim him for his own.

When Master Houser approached, I watched him take in the glistening, hard body of the young man. River arched his back to show him his beautiful backside, giving him a full view of his tight hole. I knew from fingering him just how impossibly intact he was, still feeling like a virgin after many, many sessions of hardcore pounding.

Master Houser opened his fly, not even bothering to unbutton his suit jacket, to pull out his throbbing daddy dick. Within seconds, he was piercing the flesh of the young boy, skewering him with his member deep. I could see River’s cling to the auction block, withstanding the sheer force and fire of the sudden penetration. Master Houser’s dominance was on full display and the slave boy River was just his little fuck puppet.


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