BOY JACK – The Grooming

Sometimes, Jack’s daredevilry can get him in hot water. He’s seen the signs posted around the concrete courtyard of the high rise a hundred times. “No loitering. No skateboarding.” Blah, blah, blah. If they didn’t want people skating here, they shouldn’t have made it so inviting. Jack grinds his board to the end of a handrail and notices a burly guy in a suit watching him with hands in his pockets.

Feeling bold from the pumping adrenaline, Jack approaches the figure and says, “See something you like, old man?” Jack’s bold provocation is purely bluster and such talk is far more effective when his friends are around. Before Jack is within arms reach, suited security guards seem to manifest out of the casual passersby and flank the man. The man raises a hand dismissively and the guards withdraw. The man beckons Jack forward, a gentle smile on his face.




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