Boy Eli, Chapter 2

When Master Charger is brought in to appraise the merchandise of the collective, he’s usually inspecting young men who have been bought and sold several times over. The buyers trust his judgement and know what he is capable of giving their boys an honest, impartial value.

Master Charger looks at the boys both qualitatively and quantitatively. He wants to see what they bring to a potential buyer: where their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and what can be trained and what is ultimately unchangeable.

A submissive spirit is a great start, and not without its own value, but can the boys suck without gagging? Can they bottom without stopping? How fast do their members get hard? Does it stay hard? Does it cum when the masters want it to, not just when the property wants it to?

Some things are easily observable, but some things require a sample.

Eli was still largely untested when he came to Master Charger. He was no doubt beautiful, but he had not been through the full experience of being owned. He was still very much a submissive boy longing to be dominated and claimed, but hadn’t lived the life of a slave. This wasn’t inherently a problem, but it meant that the muscle daddy had to scrutinize his potential.

He was smooth, young, healthy, and dripping with desire. Master Charge could practically smell his desperation to be used in his pheromones. As the older man touched him, Eli’s body trembled and ached. He didn’t recoil or hesitate, but he was still not used to thinking of his body as belonging to someone else. That takes time. But no doubt something someone would pay handsomely to correct.

With the other buyers around to observe, Master Charger looked him over from head to toe. Eli was beyond excited. The appraiser didn’t know if it was his own masculine presence that Eli was responding to or if it was the idea of being watched by a group of powerful men. Either way, Eli was ripe for the taking, and Charger was happy to be the first to sample his hole.

Bending the boy over, the muscle daddy stripped off his clothes and mounted up behind him, making eye contact with his peers, all eagerly awaiting the first penetration. They pulled out their dicks, stroking themselves, turned on by the idea of the systematic breeding of their new find. They would have all loved to be the first, but the rules are clear: they’re not allowed to claim him unless they pay for him. Luckily for Master Charger, they trust him to tell them how much he’s worth.

As soon as he pushed himself in the boy’s hole, Master Charger could feel Eli grip onto him with a passion and a fervor. Eli was practically fucking him back as the bigger top was pounding him harder and harder. Instinctively, Eli seemed to know his purpose and his place. He was a sheath for cock and a receptacle for loads. And he wanted it more than anything else at the moment.

As Master Charger got closer to cumming, he could tell that Eli was going to be an amazing procurement for any of the buyers. And as he erupted into the young boy’s hole, his moans of pleasure were all the endorsement his peers needed before Eli was sent out to be sold…


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