Alex Blade – Max Gen – Elio Pjatterytd

Cute little teen Elio Pjatteryd has a very healthy appetite for dick, but he’s never had the opportunity to enjoy two at once before Alex Blade and Max Gen came along for some threesome BoyFun. You can bet this twinky star is going to make the most of it despite him being nervous about the experience.

They’re good boys, they know how to take things slow and easy and they’re every bit as hungry for dick as he is.

The sexy and sensual exploration starts with mouths roaming all over and as soon as clothes start coming off the boy’s cock is rock hard and desperate for attention. Lips find boners and the hunger for them is clear. The boys suck and lick every penis within reach of their lips and tongues, their youthful precum flowing and spurring them on for more.

With a little licking of Elio’s tight little pucker Max eases his big bare boner inside, while Alex continues to feed the boy his juicy meat up front.

Whatever nerves the boy was experiencing are soon gone as he takes those cocks in both ends with the kind of lust we’d expect for such a horny boy.

The boys swap and Alex gets his shot at that snug butt, taking his friend’s place between those cheeks.

Axel can’t help but get some cock for himself, though. He welcomes the hard dick of his buddy Max and then takes up the best position of all, sandwiched between the two. With a cock in his hole and his own raw meat inside their bottom boy he enjoys the best of both worlds before it’s time to shower the lucky twink with their spooge loads.

Elio is bathed in cum from his new best friends, his face and chest dripping with the creamy goo pumping from their penises, the thrill of it all soon leading to his own messy cream gushing from his hooded dick.

We get the feeling this won’t be the last threesome this boy participates in!


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