Pool boy Finn Harper + Marcel Boyle

I think we all agree that having gorgeous young Finn Harper as a pool boy would be excuse enough for us pool deprived guys to start digging a hole in back garden. He’s looking the part in his snug little blue trunks and being far too tempting for blond boy Marcel Boyle to ignore when he arrives to do some unnecessary cleaning.

He looks like he’s fishing for leaves but he’s clearly fishing for attention, which he gets in bucket loads from horny young Marcel, with his curious hands exploring the growing package in the pool boy’s trunks.

With just a little groping the stunning new friends are heading to the comfort of the couch where their stiff young erections are quickly slipping between hungry lips. Tanned boy Finn gets his boner properly slurped by his new buddy before enjoying a mouthful of Marcel’s damp meat.

The poolside duties are quickly forgotten and with a taste of the pale boy’s pucker the tanned young hottie is ready to plunge his raw wet meat deep inside, fucking lucky Marcel from behind giving the boy a ride on his stunning erection before driving in deeper with Marcel on his back.

Finn helps his buddy spurt that cream before launching his own pool boy splooge all over Marcel’s cute face, giving the boy a taste of his juicy goo.

A final dip in the pool will wash away he evidence of their naughty play session.


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