Andrea High + Jamie Kelvin

Blond twink Jamie Kelvin and his adorable new friend Andrea High are enjoying the sights of the city and spending a little time in deep conversation by the river, but we all know that these fit boys have an afternoon of BoyFun planned.

Sure, taking in the views is lovely, but with a little smooch the two are soon discovering other priorities and heading home to the comfort of a couch.

As soon as they arrive young Jamie is asserting himself, his lips progressing from his friend’s mouth down to the very hard uncut cock in the boy’s shorts. It’s soon out for him to enjoy, his tongue working the tip and getting his pal thoroughly worked up.

Fit little Andrea is just as experienced, of course. As clothes come off and their smooth young bodies are fully revealed the boy gets to work on his new buddy’s big rigid meat, sucking Jamie’s delicious dong with just as much skill.

His hot little pucker takes a licking from his handsome friend before Andrea is on his back and taking a deep raw thrusting. Flipped over the boy takes it from behind while Jamie’s balls slap against his taint, his own boner swinging with delight.

A final bareback ride on the boy’s warm boner has Andrea wanking himself to a cum spurting climax, his semen pouring from his hooded tip to make a gooey mess on the couch.

It’s all enough to have Jamie ready to deliver his own messy climax, which is an impressive one. Laying back to get a taste gorgeous little Andrea is splashed all over, the unloading cock sending ropes of spooge right over the boy’s face and dousing him with fresh cum.

Sightseeing might be nice, but this is a much better way to spend the afternoon.

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