Harry Davis + Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is one of the most adorable boys. He’s such a sweet little guy, so cute and sexy, but his appetite for hard cock and hot BoyFun makes him far less innocent than he appears. Young visitor Harry Davis is discovering that for himself in this BoyFun video.

The redheaded lad is in town for a few days and has a great place to stay, and a very welcoming host who goes above and beyond when showing the young man the facilities.

It’s a lovely apartment, but it comes with perks.

Taylor is quick to make his intent clear and enjoy a grope of the guest’s big cock bulge in his pants, which soon becomes a greedy sucking of the impressive erection his guest reveals.

We can’t imagine this kind of special service was mentioned in the listing but in no time at all both boys are slurping on those hard young penises, smooth and naked, their erections leaking precum for each other to taste.

The couch has probably seen a lot of action but none quite like this as Harry licks out the boy’s tight little hole and proceeds to plug it with his big bareback length.

Ever the dedicated host young Taylor takes that dick from behind and enjoys an incredible ride on his new friend’s impressive cock, finishing on his back with his hooded penis spurting youthful cream over his smooth stomach.

Harry’s load is even more surprising. With his cock ready to explode he pulls out and wanks in Taylor’s face, launching an incredible mess of semen all over the adorable boy, splashing spooge in his hair and face.

It goes without saying we would all gladly book a weekend at this apartment if young Taylor is the one showing us around.


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