Jean Gilliam + Marcel Boyle

There’s probably nothing sexier than sharing a tub with a friend, especially if your friend is as hot as either of these cuties. Jean Gilliam and Marcel Boyle are enjoying a soak when things get decidedly horny, which is entirely understandable. It was inevitable they’d be sharing some BoyFun after spending a while soaping each other up.

It’s fair to say they might need another soak in the tub after all the antics they get up to when they’ve dried off and had some stiff-dicked fun on the couch.

Marcel is quickly sucking on his friend’s lovely dick, his own hard inches soon enjoying the same from his smooth little pal. Jean gets in there and really focuses on his lover’s balls, he knows he likes that when he’s being blown.

Their tender afternoon can’t end there, of course.

Jean wastes no time when his boy bends over on the couch. His bareback cock sinks in deep between those cheeks and he’s soon thrusting inside his lover’s warm chute.

The blond boy can’t seem to get enough of that boner, which is understandable. He rides his buddy and bounces on that stiff length, his own cock swinging with every thrust. The spooning is even more intense, with sensual deep thrusts that soon has them ready to squirt those juicy loads from their meaty inches.

By the time young Marcel is splashed with both their gooey wads they’ll definitely need to head back to the bathroom to clean up again, but it’s worth it.



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