Leo Anderson + Al Keit

Al Keit is the sweetest little guy, so slim and so smooth. It’s perhaps no wonder that he attracts the attention of other sweet guys. He’s got the undivided attention of Leo Anderson in this BoyFun visit, with the arriving twink coming prepared with a couple of gifts for his friend.

The bag of gifts aren’t the only ones young Leo is prepared to offer. With a thankful smooch between the boys and their smooth bodies revealed for each other to explore his mouth is soon slipping down on the big curved cock of gorgeous Al.

You can bet the boy is more than happy to have the gift of a good sucking from his pal, and he’s even more eager to return the compliment when Leo’s equally delicious erection is exposed and proud for Al to taste.

The swapping of lips and tongues on rampant young rods continues with a second slurp from greedy boy Leo, but it’s clear the two are eager to get to the most meaty pleasures of their afternoon romp.



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