Running Late

Handsome lean boy Evan Novak might be running late for work, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to brag to his colleague about the handsome hottie he just left in his bed, hard and wanting more. Their BoyFun was so intense, it’s no doubt they’re going to be hooking up again.

Thankfully we get to see just how hot and horny their hook up was.

Antony Carter’s perfect uncut cock is stiff and leaking precum while greedy boy Evan wanks and sucks him, bobbing up and down on his delicious dong. It’s a wonder they even got to the fucking with such a tasty erection to service.

Lucky for us, and for Evan, handsome boy Antony is just as greedy for a hard length of boy meat and with some tasty slurping of his dripping length the two are ready to head to pound town.

A little licking of Antony’s super snug little hole has him ready for Evan’s inches to slide right in, raw and deep, buggering him from behind in a spooning position before hopping up for a little doggy action.

Antony breathes through the pleasure, his balls dripping with pre and lube, his cock stiff and desperate for release. These two boys know how to take their time.

It’s the deeper thrusting on his back that gets sexy Antony there, his semen splashing out over his abs before Evan’s cock is slipping out and their meat is combining in a frotting finish that leaves the handsome twunk dripping wet with their combined loads.

If that’s not a good reason to be late for work nothing is.



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