Jamie Offers His Ass

If Jamie Kelvin offered you his ass you wouldn’t hesitate. Yacob Marx certainly can’t when he gets an offer of BoyFun from his pal.

Yacob somehow manages to resist the seductive glances from his friend in the other room, but Jamie isn’t the subtle type. With his pants down and his perfect little ass up it’s impossible for Yacob to refuse.

He arrives and gets to work, massaging the boy’s cheeks and licking at his tight little hole. Jamie’s balls hang low and fat beneath while the boy gets to work, but with their youthful erections wet and throbbing they’re soon swapping head and gorging on the gorgeous lengths.

It was very clear from the start what Jamie wanted, and with their cocks glistening and rampant Yacob delivers, easing his rigid inches between the boy’s perfect cheeks and filling him up.

The thrusting is so good, young Jamie is in heaven, and that pleasure only grows when he slides his pucker down and takes a deep ride on his pal’s penis.

It’s such a sensual and passionate play session it’s no surprise Jamie spurts a big messy load over himself, but he won’t be fully satisfied until he’s swallowed all the cream gushing from his friend’s spurting dick tip.

Next time Jamie won’t have to work so hard to tempt his buddy into diving right in.



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