Danny Clay Strokes His Shaft

Sporty and super sexy young Danny Clay is in the bedroom for a solo BoyFun session that we would all love to participate in, but despite not being there with the gorgeous boy we can all stroke along to his show.

He’s extremely eager to get down to business. With a little groping of his swelling cock in his cock in his shorts and his t-shirt slipped off to display that stunning young athletic body he’s hard and desperate to get a load out.

Don’t worry, this boy knows how to take his time and fully enjoy himself, and we’re going to get more than a cock rubbing in this session.

With his clothes stripped away and his dick bulging in his sexy little jock strap the smooth boy focuses on his tight little ass.

Watch as he plays with his pucker, dipping his fingers inside and exploring the sensation. He kneels on the bed and probes his pucker while his cock continues to grow.

We can all imagine what he’s thinking about, and we would all love top provide the tongue and bareback cock to slide into that winking little hairless hole.

His dick loves it. In moments he’s freed his big boner and he’s wanking himself off with the skill of a young man who knows how to please his needs.

Watch as his balls bounce and his foreskin slips over the damp tip. Join in while he lays back and takes himself to the edge, finishing with a shower of hot semen splashing over his smooth body.

Just when you think this boy couldn’t get any hotter he tastes the milky mess his cock has splashed all over him.



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