Hot Teen Boyfriend

You can tell Taylor Mason is eagerly anticipating visiting his sexy boyfriend Ollie Barn, but with good reason. They have an afternoon of hard dicked BoyFun ahead of them and he can’t wait to take a ride on the teen’s naked length.

The train journey is short, but it’s an agonizing delay all the same. Taylor’s thick uncut dick is throbbing by the time he gets to the station to lock lips with sexy young Ollie.

There’s no time to waste, in moments they’re back in the bedroom and Taylor is greedily slurping his pal’s penis. A little taste of the teen’s hole and he’s ready for his own pink cock to be gobbled by the slim little guy.

Ollie loves to taste that hooded dick but they both have their minds firmly set on the fucking they could be sharing and with Ollie’s dick raging and ready Taylor is soon ass up and demanding that dong deep inside.

The boy’s balls are big and heavy, slapping against Taylor’s taint before the smooth young man takes a ride, impaling his pucker down on Ollie’s length while his own bounces and slaps with every thrust.

With some furious wanking and rampant pumps from his pal bottom boy Taylor gets the cream from his dick, rewarded with a splashing of his boyfriend’s fresh load right in his mouth.



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