Swim and Rim

Gorgeous young Finn Harper always looks incredible, but the sight of the smooth and super fit young stud enjoying the pool on a boiling hot day is enough to have every dick nearby hardening up and seeking some BoyFun with him.

That’s certainly the case for gay twink bottom boy John Crawford. Thankfully he doesn’t have to try too hard to entice his gorgeous pal out of the water and toward the couch.

With barely a smooch between them Finn’s long uncut cock is freed from his swimming trunks and lucky John is quickly on it, sucking the thick and throbbing mass to a rampant erection.

His delicious dick isn’t the only one in need of some slurps and with John’s incredible hooded cock out Finn can’t wait to suck and lick the warm shaft and damp tip.

Their oral pleasures aren’t over. Fit young Finn is soon laying back with his ass up for some licking, and John dives right in with his talented tongue. A little lapping and slurping quickly has Finn ready to return he favor but it’s clear he has his mind set on stuffing that wet pucker with his raw swimmer cock.

John is soon in heaven, if he wasn’t already. His ass welcomes the handsome boy’s rampant meat in a doggy fashion fuck before the twink slides down for a ride on his pal, his own long and curved cock still bouncing and dripping precum.

With a final thrusting from his swimmer top John makes a splashing mess all over his abs and his pal is soon ready to shower his cute face with his juicy foam.



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