Marcus Santos

Marcus Santos is such a gorgeous young man it’s hard to overstate just how hot this boy is, so getting the chance to see him enjoying his own hard uncut cock in a twink jack off solo is going to tick all the right boxes for many BoyFun fans.

We join the handsome young man on the bed groping the swelling shape of his cock in his pants, and in no time he’s reaching in to play with it, and taking off his shirt to reveal his supremely sporty and smooth build.

One of the hottest things about this boy is his fit body. You can tell he likes to work out and play sports to stay in shape, and it’s certainly working for him.

With his shorts down and his penis swelling even more in his colorful little briefs he teases us a little with a peek at his plump and hairless balls, before freeing his perfect penis from the cottong cage.

The gorgeous young guy is almost totally hairless from the neck down, and he proves it when he’s completely naked and bends over to play with his smooth pucker.

You can’t help but think about sliding in there and filling the boy with your own throbbing inches.

We have to think that’s what he’s pondering when he focuses his efforts on his uncut cock once more, laying back and wanking his meat in his hand, pumping his penis with determined rhythm until the pleasure becomes too much.

If the sight of his hooded cock splashing fresh semen all over his smooth abs isn’t enough to make you join in, the look he gives the camera while he licks his cum from his fingers most definitely is.



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