Finn Harper + Noah Bailey

I think I speak for everyone reading this when I say that we would all gladly exchange a dildo for the hard raw cock of gorgeous boy Finn Harper. Noah Bailey certainly can’t pass up such a hot BoyFun opportunity when the lad arrives to interrupt his solo play session.

In seconds young Finn is taking over on that dildo and after some assistance with the toy their attention is rightly moving to the proud penises bulging out of their snug little undies.

The delicious cock gobbling these boys share is potentially enough to have you spunking early, but you’ll want to hold back on that finish. With rigid boners slurped and Noah’s eager little pucker licked by his handsome young friend that steely length of warm dick is sliding right in for some spooning.

The deep missionary ramming Noah takes from his bareback pal hits that sweet spot but it’s the ride the boy takes on that long cock that has his own gushing a massive fountain of hot cum from his hooded tip, his semen slinging out far and wide to drench the sheets between their legs.

Such a climax is all Finn needs to see to have his own bulging boner pumping cream, wanking his rock solid length while Noah licks the tender helmet, the fresh goo spewing right into his mouth.

No doubt a dildo couldn’t have done that.



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