He’ll Learn To Love It Here

When a few of the House Managers found a sex toy, we were all a bit taken aback. It’s sure unusual for a dildo to pop up in a shakedown. Usually it’s something far more nefarious. That said, one of the Managers made sure to have a little fun with the culprit. We of course all knew who it was. The young, quiet, tidy, ocd guy! This Manager proceeds to taunt the resident, who blatantly lies by denying ownership of said (very thick) object. As you are all aware, all of us Managers like to get our dicks wet, and it’s a nice change of pace to have someone who’s all warmed up for a thick pole, so he definitely get a bonus with this resident.

The funniest thing about this incident is how totally scared and shocked the poor guy was. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, and seemed to not know what he was doing sucking dick – in spite of clearly having been practicing. It was as if he’d only been practicing with his toy and never done the real thing. Whether he had or not, once the BJ was over and the fucking began, the hole felt nice and tight. As he was getting fucked, Jordan still looked completely confused by what was going on – probably will take him a while to process it all. Truth be told, the Manager got a nice nut, and Jordan’s as got stretched. The little perv probably rubbed himself raw later that night just thinking about it! Like most, he’ll definitely learn to love it here. But as we take turns, all of the Managers will love to have him here as well.


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