Hard Times for Cole Church

He’s not a hardened criminal, but he sure does act like one. And because of his tough-guy personality, he’s certainly tried to make himself the alpha dog among the other residents. At the end of the day, though, he’s just a bully. And here at the House, bullies get banged, including this smart-ass. When he got confronted with some contraband, I could see the little cogs in his noggin just turning. You see, this guy seems like the type that always has a plan, and always knows what to do. However, he didn’t know exactly what to do, and that cognitive dissonance was just grinding at him. Like the rest of them, he just decided to go along in order to get along, and that’s where this House Manager’s day just got a lot better.

As he stripped down, he revealed an almost exquisite form. In spite of the gruff attitude, he’s just a pretty boy, really. And pretty boys end up being cum dumps at the end of the day. We know it and he knows it. I instructed him to bend over once his undies were off, and that little virgin hole was so pink and tight, it was just begging for a thick cock. He’s lucky he hasn’t been in prison yet, because that ass would be like a flat-iron steak thrown into a cage of hounds.

He grabbed onto my dick reluctantly, and he was definitely overthinking the situation right before he wrapped his lips around it. The surprising thing is that he began to gently caress and kiss my cock while he was giving me dome. Now, this isn’t usually what the tough guys do. I figured he either had a girlfriend who used to do that a lot, so that was his point of reference. Or, it could just be that he’s a furtive cock gobbler. After a nice BJ, including him popping my pole into his cheeks (nice touch), he got up and laid on his back, boner raging. That wasn’t a big surprise to me – a lot of these tough guys really just deep down want to be a submissive whore, at least every once in a while. He even spread his cheeks with his hands to give me a better view as I slowly worked my cock into his pink little flower. Like I said – he wasn’t sure what to do, but whatever he was doing I was loving it.

The fuck was easier than most virgins, although truth be told I was taking it somewhat easy on him. Toward the end though I really picked up the pace, and it was obvious to him that I was about to breed him. He told me not to cum inside of him. Well, I kept fucking away and I still came inside of him, but when I pulled out I just kept cumming. So, this bully got bred anyways, and had a nice layer of icing on top of his cake, too. Hard time abound, but especially for this fine piece of ass. I just hope he mellows out and gets his act together.


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