Turn For The Worse

When residents don’t take their time in the House seriously, it can lead to failed outcomes. Take this reject, for example: He had been a problem in the beginning, but had turned his act around. Then, suddenly, he stopped going to his meetings. Well, this type of situation is not good, beccause it usually means that more trouble is on the way. So, of course out House Manager used an evidence-based solution that always works: fucking the living daylights out of him.

Of course, the fucking didn’t begin until some great head and face-fucking. This guy knows his way around a cock! He surely has years of experience sucking guys off for favors, and it shows. The way his throat feels, too. Almost no gag reflex. This is the type of guy you could just skull fuck into an orgasm. However, this wasn’t the plan for the day.

Bent over onto his knees, the House Manager rips into his hole with zeal. It wasn’t even a few minutes later that this delinquent’s hole was gaping wide. So red, and so deep, the gape was inviting the Manager to continue on. Continue he did, and after some serious riding, this low-life got some ass-to-mouth action. It is almost as if the manager couldn’t decide which felt better. He opted to breed this little sow, however, and as the resident is being thumped, he whimpers and almost cries a little, right up until the big release. We doubt he will be missing any meetings anytime soon after this humiliation.


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