Anton Marceau and Chris Summers

Chris Summers is angry. One of his boyfriends borrowed his car, drove it around town, and left it with a nearly empty tank. Now, Chris has to fuel up himself, which will make him late for work, not to mention livid. And when he’s this furious, there’s only one thing that will calm him down… his other boyfriend, Anton Marceau. Even before Chris arrives, Anton can see something has upset Chris, but Anton gets him to open up in more ways than one! First, there’s Chris’s mouth, stretched to capacity as he sucks Anton’s big black cock. Secondly, after returning the oral favor, Anton continues to get Chris to open up with a good rimming. The thick hung, slender black twink devours Chris’s hole, finger fucking it before finally sliding home. Anton then stretches out Chris’s hungry ass with his cock, in this interracial bareback scene. Anton looks good fucking but just you wait until you see Chris ride the mouthwatering slab. It’s a sight to behold! You’ll be juiced and ready to blow but hold off until the end because this is THE massive cum shot to end all cumshots. Now Anton and Chris both have empty tanks!



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