Hot Sexy Threesome

Liam and Connor begin as a duo, making out on the red sheets, half-naked and steaming up the room with anticipation. Liam’s mouth travels down Connor’s body, reaching his hard cock and making him moan in pleasure.

Darron enters stage right, asking to join in on the festivities, and being welcomed by both Connor and Liam. Joining Liam in the cock-sucking activity, Darron uses his tongue to massage Connor’s hard cock, while Liam licks his base and balls. The two even take turns attempting to deep throat his thick rod to best each other.

Once his shorts hit the floor, Liam is ready for Darron to show off some true cock-sucking skills. He positions himself on his knees side-by-side with Connor, their cocks erect and joining for Darron to take both into his mouth at the same time. Darron continues as the center of attention, laying back against the pillows, caressed by the tips of Liam and Connor’s fingers. Then by their tongues. Liam’s spit drenches Darron’s cock, sucked up by Connor’s mouth.

Darron positions himself to his knees, bending with Liam’s cock in his mouth, and Connor’s tongue in his asshole. “Ready to get that ass fucked?” top-dominating Connor asks, but not as a real question.


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