Angel Rivera & Brock Banks

CockyBoys is excited to present another adventure at Camp CockyBoys with Angel Rivera & Brock Banks. These two hunks are just full of pure animal lust for each other. They show us the skills they practice at their time at Camp CockyBoys that involves some naughty fun with a hammock. Enjoy!

The much-requested pairing of Latin lovers Angel Rivera & Brock Banks is here! This year’s joyfully liberating re-opening of Camp CockyBoys finally brought these two together and they both couldn’t be happier enjoying the food & fun with the rest of the guys. But when Angel & Brock get some alone time on the big hammock, their attention is only on each other. Amidst their making out and playful banter, Angel can’t keep his hands and lips off Brock and when he finally gets his cock out, it disappears in Angel’s mouth and throat. The only time he periodically stops is to make out with Brock.


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