Ari Avanti & Adrian Hart

LOVE HAPPENS is a tongue-in-cheek, post pandemic feature about a “mindfulness coach” and “influencer” who is hoping to take advantage of the post Covid desire to “get back to normal” by organizing a sexual awakening retreat and ends up inadvertently hiring two very unconventional stoner/radical fairies to run the weekend, blowing up his perfect little reality. Somehow he still ends up helping the sexy couples at the retreat, resulting in plenty of amazing gay sex!

Come join us in episode 3, at Camp Morehawk, the sexual awakening retreat run by Brock Bankski. A documentary crew is following around staff & 3 couples around the retreat for the weekend. Last time we met new staff members & our first couples. This time we see Adrian Hart & Ari Avanti who engage in a steamy yoga stretching session that leads to more positions and fun then we can count. Thes two heat up the screen and show off skills we all need to learn in our yoga sessions. Enjoy!


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