Evan Knoxx & Noah Rider

New Talent Month continues with cutie Noah Rider making his CockyBoys debut with Evan Knoxx! Here, the guys play roommates and one late night Noah asks Evan to show him how to play the video game he’s engrossed in. Evan lets Noah play once he accepts a challenge: whoever wins fuck the other. It’s not long before expert player Evan wins and Noah goes down on his already hard cock.

Evan soon learns that Noah needs no instruction in sucking his big dick. Noah’s sensual style is just how Evan likes it and after luxuriating in the pleasure, he sucks Noah back the same way. With the pleasure he gives Noah, and some passionate kisses, Evan easily persuades him to take his cock. First, he rims his ass on his back and on his tummy before guiding in his cock.

Evan’s slow, deep fucking makes Noah moan and groan and when he starts to go harder, Noah tells him in words how good it feels. So, Evan raises the bar and gets Noah on his back to drill him in a half-piledriver. Neither can get enough, but on their way to another position they pause to look in the mirror rightfully comment on how hot they look together.


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