Dante Colle & Tannor Reed entice us

Tannor Reed likes a variety of hotel sex fantasies and the self-admitted voyeur/exhibitionist has Dante Colle on hand to act one out! After leaving a door unlocked Tannor slips into a bath sexy stranger Dante enters, totally turned on at the sight of Tannor in the bath. It’s not long before Dante is shirtless and standing at the edge of the tub with Tannor is sucking him to hardness. After getting into the tub & sitting on the edge to get blown, he wants even more intimacy. He straddles the tub to teabag his balls on Tannor’s waiting mouth before using this unique stance to face fuck him.

Tannor’s mouth & tongue give considerable pleasure to Dante’s cock & balls, and Dante gives back by bending him over the edge of the tub and using his tongue every which way on Tannor’s hole. Soon Dante cock teases that hole but it’s unnecessary: Tannor wants to be fucked right then & there. Dante slides in and knowing how much Tannor wants it, he pounds his hole with increasing force and dominance. At one point the empowered top virtually drags Tannor over to a chair and fucks him on his back.

Tannor takes a deep drilling, and a vocal Dante relishes the pleasure of watching him as he tops him without any resistance. Again, Dante ticks it up a notch by turning Tannor around and fucking him hard from behind while pulling his thick mane of hair. Dante keeps going until he’s ready to cum and then he pulls out to cream over Tannor’s hole and fuck some back into him. Tannor is ready too and shoots a fountain of cum over himself. As he looks down on a satisfied Tannor, Dante breathlessly states the obvious: “That was fucking hot”


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