Evan Knoxx seduces Kane Fox with his BIG COCK

Evan Knoxx has a special surprise for Kane Fox: a candlelit bathroom and a warm inviting tub with one irresistible addition—Evan himself! Of course, Kane readily accepts the invite, and right after they make out, Evan starts to suck him. It doesn’t take long for Kane to get naked and join Evan in the tub where they passionately kiss body to body.

Evan goes down on Kane and sucks him so well that Kane just lies back in a state of pure pleasure. But Kane also wants to give back and as Evan sits on the edge of the tub, he sucks his big dick with the same thorough attention to every inch and his big balls. As much as he enjoys this, Evan turns around and offers up his hole, which Kane happily licks and tongues and then fucks deep into him.

Soon, after Evan’s suggestion, they get out of the tub to dry off and continue. Passionate kissing leads to Evan getting on his knees to show Kane his exceptional cock-sucking skills again. In return Kane bends Evan over the bathroom counter and fucks him deep again…but this time with increasingly energetic thrusts. As they both get close though, Kane slows things down and takes Evan to the shower.

Under the warm spray with Kane going first, they each get on their knees to suck cock and edge the other closer. However, Kane turns Evan around and fucks him non-stop until Evan can’t hold back and shoots his load out of the shower and onto the floor. Kane then sits back to stroke out his load and give Evan an open-mouth facial. As they rinse off and kiss again, there’s no hurry to dry off. Can round two be far behind?

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