Wet Dream

While meditating Ari Avanti envisions his ideal lover, manifested as Gabriel Clark! And though Gabriel is simply a vivid feeling, in Ari’s deep meditative state he’s a physical presence. Gabriel responds to Ari’s beckoning arms and passionately kisses him, with his lips then tantalizing the erogenous zones on his body before his mouth engulfs Ari’s cock.

After thoroughly sucking Ari’s cock, Gabriel brings him up for more deep kissing. Ari’s mouth moves down his body to give Gabriel the same passionate blowjob. Gabriel reaches over to play with Ari’s hole and that little tease is enough for Ari to turn around and offer up his ass. Gabriel virtually makes love to his hole and put Ari in a heightened state of foreplay ecstasy.

In time Gabriel puts Ari on all fours. slides his cock into his spit-lubed hole and goes all in pounding his hole. Ari loves it as Gabriel relentlessly fucks him from behind every which way before drilling him to the bed. He only stops to flip Ari on his back and fuck him deeply, gazing into his eyes and kissing him.

It’s not long before Gabriel makes Ari cum and shoot his thick load and he milks his cock in an orgasm that keeps going. Gabriel scoops up some of that load to eat it and keeps fucking until he has an intense orgasm, shooting his big load over Ari’s hole and finishing inside him. Gabriel kisses him again, but soon fades away and Ari returns to reality, both satisfied and totally relaxed.


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