Hit Me Up

Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx are hot for a three-way and hit someone up online they easily agree on Caleb Manning! However, Daniel & Evan just can’t hold off until he arrives and gets into some heated cocksucking. Fortunately, they’ve left the door open for Caleb who soon shows up and joins in. He sucks Evan who sucks Daniel but soon Caleb is sucking both guys at once!

Daniel gets into position to join Caleb in sucking Evan, who in turn rims Daniel but soon they switch things up again when Caleb gets into a 69 with Evan. As he sucks Evan, Daniel eats Caleb’s ass and starts fucking him, and before long Caleb is also getting face-fucked by Evan. In time the real-life couple switches place spit-roasting their “guest”.

Daniel & Evan continue to fill Caleb when they flip him on his back. Daniel plows him while Evan stuffs Caleb’s throat and they keep this up before switching t up again. As Daniel wants, Evan fucks him from behind as Daniel plows Caleb in a doggy-style fuck train.

The guys keep it going with a fuck train from the side until Daniel pulls out, shoots, and breeds Caleb. Evan does the same to Daniel and then both guys help Caleb get off. As he shoots his load Daniel sucks him dry and they finish with a three-way make-out. Caleb thanks them for the invite and dashes off but guess what? Daniel & Evan are ready to invite over someone new!


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