Evan Knoxx & Tristan Hunter

Evan Knoxx wakes up hard next to Tristan Hunter, who just wants to sleep in in spite of Evan’s affectionate kisses. So, Evan goes for a direct approach by licking Tristan’s hole and that definitely works for Tristan, so much so that when Evan slides into his spit-lubed hole, Tristan fucks himself on his big dick. And, when Evan goes back to kissing him, Tristan wants to be fucked harder.

After lots of passionate pounding, Tristan takes charge and flips Evan on his back to sit on his cock and rides him hard. After some time, Tristan gets Evan to thrust up into him the way he likes it and then rotates into a reverse cowboy. And when Evan slaps his ass, Tristan urges him on.

Totally energized, Tristan dismounts and hungrily sucks Evan and as he does, he keeps his hole busy finger fucking himself. It’s not long before Evan gets his shot at sucking Tristan, which leads to an hot 69. As much as they’re into it, Tristan wants to be fucked some more and Evan drills him on his back almost to the edge of the bed.

Tristan is nearly incredulous at the deep pleasure he’s getting from the relentless fucking. Finally Evans fucks the cum out of Tristan whose intense orgasm keeps going after he’s shot his load. He’s still stroking and thrilled when Evan pulls out and shoots a huge load on his hole and fucks it into him. They’re still on a high as they kiss. Now THAT is how you start the day off right!


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