Josh pounces on Tristan’s Cock for a tasty dessert

New faces Josh Collins & Tristan West BOTH make their CockyBoys debut enjoying the passionate kind of sex they’re both into. After they introduce themselves, Josh makes his way down Tristan’s ripped bod and to his steel-hard cock and sucks him right down to the base. Tristan loves it and gives Josh a loving kiss–but that’s just the start. With Josh on all fours, Tristan spit lubes his hole and gives him a two-finger probe to open him up.

Soon, Tristan is pounding Josh who uses his muscle ass to meet his thrusts and he’s in heaven as they build into wild energetic momentum, from which they almost can’t stop. Tristan does switch it up though, getting Josh to lie in bed with one leg crossed over–a ideal position to drill him deep, look at the expressions on his face AND record him on his phone. After Tristan gives Josh a video playback, the ginger bottom is very eager to continue.

Josh goes to a nearby chair for Tristan to fucks him on his back and when Josh puts his legs up on his shoulders, it puts Tristan over the edge. He barely pulls out to erupt in a thick load against Josh’s hole and breed him and Tristan keeps fucking until Josh cums too. As they come down quickly from the intense sex, they kiss one more time. Welcome to CockyBoys, Josh & Tristan!


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