Ashton Silvers BIG Cock is savored by Harley Xavier

Harley Xavier is back and this time he brings Ashton Silvers for his CockyBoys debut! As friends with benefits and built-in chemistry, Harley & Ashton go right to kissing and Harley sucking Ashton’s big dick and fulsome balls. They amp up the excitement doing it in front of a mirrored wall even they move to the bed, and as Ashton lies back, Harley just can’t get enough.

As much as Ashton loves the blowjob, he gets Harley to sit on his cock to ride him. And as he does, Harley chokes Ashton roughly the way he likes it and Ashton responds by thrusting deep into him. They’re in perfect sync, even as Harley turns 180 degrees into reverse cowboy. Soon though, they switch it up when Ashton gets Harley on all fours to slather over his ass then plow his spit-lubed hole

Again, they soon get into sync as Harley works his hole on Ashton’s cock and they get creative, acrobatically fucking in a wheelbarrow position over the side of the bed watching themselves in the mirror. They only stop when Ashton kisses Harley and gets him on his back to give him the same thorough and passionate cocksucking he received.

Finally, Ashton resumes fucking Harley, from the side and then on his back. Ashton loves fucking Harley so much he can’t hold back and soon pulls out to shoot like a rocket all over him. Harley soon shoots his load and Ashton milks their cocks together before they like back, happy and content as though it was their first time together.


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