A steamy gym adventure with Jordan Starr & Greyson Myles

Greyson Myles gets fucked by Jordan Starr in the home gym and he is VERY happy about it! How did this come about? Well, just being close to Jordan gets Greyson “dickmatized” and since both guys can’t keep their hands off each other, their stretching routine easily takes a sexy turn. After putting Greyson in a variety of positions, Jordan finally gets him on all fours and pulls down his shorts.

Jordan eats out Greyson’s hole and opens him up with his thumb, before he gets him into a downward doggy and pounds him. Thanks to adjacent treadmill the guys can use it for support as Jordan fucks Greyson from behind every which way. And when Jordan takes a break, Greyson is right there on his knees to suck Jordan take all his face-fucking.

Greyson only stops sucking cock when he expresses the desire to ride him, but as Jordan sits back on the mat, Greyson goes right back to it. While Greyson slicks up Jordan’s cock with spit, Jordan fingers his hole making it easier for Greyson to mount him. Greyson starts riding him and after stopping to feed Jordan his own dick, he rides him even deeper.

Jordan holds Greyson tight but the guys find pleasure every way in which Greyson rides the big dick top and takes his deep thrusts. Finally, just as Jordan wishes, Greyson shoots his big load over him and he keeps riding Jordan who soon pulls out to shoot his huge load between Greyson’s ass cheeks and breed him. As they lie back, Greyson says it best, calling this the “best workout ever”!


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