a Steamy Flip Fuck with Harley Xavier & Hayden Brooks

Harley Xavier returns to introduce self-sucker Hayden Brooks and his big dick to CockyBoys for a poolside flip-fuck! Their emotional connection is just what Hayden likes and he’s so at ease, he gets hard just from Harley taking pics of him. Not surprisingly, Harley soon is sucking Hayden and an excited Hayden returns the favor. Harley though wants to eat his hole so he gets Hayden to flip his legs back and as he’s being rimmed, Hayden sucks his own beer can cock.

Harley just has to fill Hayden’s smooth pink hole and after teasing it a little, he passionately plows him. When he starts to stroke Hayden’s cock, Harley’s desire flips a switch and he sits on it and rides it. Hayden kicks it up by periodically driving his cock deep into Harley’s hole. Harley loves it so much, that he doesn’t want it to stop, and yet Hayden manages to make it more intense by choking Harley and sucking him as he rides him.

Hayden is now in charge, drilling Harley from the side, then on his back and pinning him down while gripping his throat again. Finally, after relentless fucking, Hayden pulls out to cum over Harley’s hole and fill it with his cock again. As he fucks Harley to the point of orgasm, Hayden wraps his mouth around his cock-head to get all his hot jizz. While most spills out, Hayden kisses Harley to give him a taste. Harley may be wiped out from the intense experience, but Hayden is as calm as ever as he lies next to him.


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