WHAT’S YOUR KINK? Brock Banks & Felix Fox

Sometimes when your kink meshes with someone else’s, that’s everything. And that’s how it is with Brock Banks & Felix Fox as our second series of “What’s Your Kink?” continues. Felix loves having his muscles worshiped and is totally into a man’s scent ..on his bod and his clothing. As his hands fondle Felix’s ripped bod, Brock lets him know he’s on board: “Baby you came to the right place”. And just like that Brock makes out with Felix and his body with his distinctive brand of all-consuming passion.

Soon Felix is on his knees getting what he wants: his face stuffed with Brock’s musky crotch followed by his thick cock in his mouth and throat. Felix takes it all as gasps for air and gags on Brock’s cock with tears streaming. Brock gives Felix a break to thoroughly worship him all over as he flexes his sculpted muscles. Brock soon pulls down Felix’s briefs and sucks his hard cock as it pops out, then turns him around to slobber all over his hard-as-marble ass.

Brock sucks and strokes Felix as he eats his hole and fingers him deep preparing him for cock. Brock plows flexible Felix from behind, going hard and deep when holding his wrists behind his back. When he’s ready to move things along Brock takes Felix to the bed to rim him again and finger his smooth hole before he resumes fucking him from behind. Brock nearly gets on top of him then peels off his socks to stuff in Felix’s mouth, just as he wanted, as he continues to drill him.

Finally, Brock flips Felix on his back to fuck him deep again, intensifying the experience by holding him by his neck and his flexed biceps and stroking Felix’s cock. He brings Felix close to the edge then fucks a load out of him. Moments later Brock shoots a thick load over Felix’s cock then fucks it into him. Brock plants a full kiss on a still-quivering Felix and makes his body spasm as he withdraws his cock. Yes, Felix definitely came to the right place!




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