WHAT’S YOUR KINK? Drew Dixon & Troye Jacobs

School is in session for some sex education in the “What’s Your Kink?” second series finale! The teacher is sexually well-versed Drew Dixon whose pupil Troye Jacobs gets his first sling experience!. In his first “lesson”, excited but slightly nervous, Troye is eased into the experience as Drew shows him that the sling amplifies the dom-sub, power & control dynamic…which Troye definitely wants.

In the sling experience, Troy gets the royal treatment as Drew plays with his body, talks dirty to him in a sensuous voice, and fingers him. Then as Drew laps at his hole, Troy’s experience is heightened by watching himself in the mirror above him. Drew turns his attention to Troye’s big dick with deep & slow sucking followed by steady stroking as he exerts his control and edges Troye. Troye’s vocal begging to be fucked is music to Drew’s ears and he elicits more pleas from Troye while stroking his cock in front of him.

Finally though, Drew fucks him, pounding him harder as he makes Troy graduate from moans and pleas to submissive sex talk. This in turn makes Drew even more aggressive and controlling, seemingly driving them both to the edge. However, Drew turns down the volume and takes Troye out of the sling so he can taste his own ass by sucking on Drew’s cock. Drew’s training expertise yields results as Troye sucks him just as he wants. After much deep sucking Troye gets his next reward as Drew has him sit on his spit-lubed cock

Drew piston-fucks into Troye’s hole and then while his dick is buried deep inside him, Drew strokes him again. Once again Drew edges Troye right up to the edge before stopping and flipping him to relentlessly fuck him on his back. It’s Drew though who goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot which triggers Troye’s intense orgasm. in his last dom move Drew scoops up Troye’s load and fucks it into him. Troye’s giddy smile will tell you that his first experience was to his liking as much as Drew enjoyed showing him the way.




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