Jacen Zhu & Aiden Ward Flip Fuck

Jacen Zhu is back! He brings joyful energy to Cocky Boys and makes a fun & sensual connection with Aiden Ward on the path to a passionate flip-fuck. Their chemistry is instantaneous when they start kissing and making out, enjoying each other’s bodies as well as their lips. Aiden’s mouth soon makes its way down Jacen’s body to suck his cock down to the base and make him softly moan with pleasure. Jacen wants to give Aiden pleasure too, so they ease into a 69 where Jacen eats his and tongue-fucks hole while Aiden continues to savor his cock.

At one point, Jacen is almost giddy as Aiden brings him too close to the edge, so they slow down and switch it up. Jacen sucks Aiden’s ever-hard cock and Aiden fucks his mouth in response, again getting close to the edge. Aiden resumes sucking Jacen in a 69 but soon he’s rimming him while Jacen gulps down his cock. Jacen only stops when Aiden fingers his hole, and while he is eager to get fucked it’s Aiden who goes first by sitting on Jacen’s cock and riding him deeply.

Aiden bounces up and down on Jacen’s cock and takes his deep thrusts and they get into a groove. Jacen has to stop before he orgasms, but Aiden’s tight hole around his shaft will not be denied as Jacen shoots his load inside Aiden! As he slides his cock out of Aiden, Jacen’s thick load starts to ooze out BUT he’s not done. Still hard, Jacen fucks Aiden on his back and pounds deep, riding the crest of his sexual stamina as they kiss passionately. And yet, seemingly tireless Jacen keeps going flipping Aiden on his stomach to get on top of him and drill him deep and neck with him.

Finally, Jacen slows down so Aiden can take the reins and fuck him. Still reeling from the unexpected thrill of being bred, Aiden wants to return the favor, so he gets Jacen on his back to plow him intensely. Aiden is a fuck machine, partly fueled by passion kissing and Jacen’s vocal encouragement, but it’s when he takes Jacen’s hole from the side that he reaches the point of no return. Aiden pulls out to shoot his load between Jacen’s muscular thighs then finishes his orgasm inside his hole. Jacen is all smiles once again as they kiss with Aiden’s cock still resting inside him.

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