LET’S GET COCKY – Eli Bennet and Kane Fox

Eli Bennet makes his CockyBoys debut with Kane Fox, who joins him expressing what it means to be “cocky”. That means knowing themselves and what they like, while being open to discovering something new. They explore this when they get alone and Kane asks Eli to play the “Make Me Cum” game!

Eli is unfamiliar with this game, but he figures it out once Kane lets his big dick flop out and tells him to “take care of it”. Eli happily surprises Kane by easily deep-throating him, following his commands to suck his big balls, and taking his face-fucking. Gleeful Eli already thinks he’s winning the game, but Kane isn’t ready to declare him the victor. After tugging down Eli’s briefs. he moves around to bury his face between his cheeks and eat out his ass. d. Yes, Eli wins the game, and Kane’s cum on his face is the prize!


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