Johnny Ford & Avery Jones

Sometimes getting together is really worth the wait as Johnny Ford and Avery Jones discover months after meeting! When versatile Johnny tops, he is a total power top who knows exactly the kind of bottom he likes…and Avery fits all the criteria! Once they start kissing Johnny starts to finger Avery’s hole, giving him clear pleasure, and it isn’t long before he’s sucking the cock that Johnny feeds him. When Avery shows how deeply he sucks him, Johnny face fucks him over the edge of the bed while fingering even more and rimming his juicy hole.

Johnny’s take-charge style grows as he flips Avery on his back, slides in his cock and pounds him. He keeps things lively, kissing Avery passionately in between manhandling him by gripping his throat and finger fucking his throat. When Johnny turns him on all fours, Avery excites him more by tugging on his underwear and reaching around to tearing open his briefs and present his hole for more fucking. Johnny resumes fucking Avery and drills down when he raises his ass higher. And when Johnny commands him Avery works his hole on his cock.

Johnny can’t get enough of Avery, fucking him from behind, holding his wrists behind his back while drilling down again and screwing him from the side. Johnny also wants Avery to sit on his face and when Avery leans forward to suck his cock, Johnny opens his hole more with four fingers. Finally, Avery mounts Johnny’s cock and rides him without stopping until he shoots his load. Johnny goes over the edge too, pulling out to cum on Avery’s hole and fuck it into him. They both make sure to get that cum into Avery who keeps it there by sliding Johnny’s cock back into his hole.


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