Troy Accola Works Jack Valor OUT

Let’s start this week’s ColbyKnox video with a question: If you went to the same gym as Jack Valor, would you dutifully follow your workout routine or try to pick him up for some fun? That inquiry is the plot for this week’s update. Stud Troy Accola is working on his biceps. Jack, wearing the cutest pink shorts, is doing a few lunges. Troy sneaks a number glances Jack’s way. The long haired boy catches Troy’s eye, offering a sexy smirk. Troy quickly finishes and walks up to Jack. “You have really nice form,” Troy smiles as he grabs a handful of Jack’s backside. “Thank you,” Jack replies. “You do too.” Troy gets on his knees, kissing and stroking Jack’s ass. The pink shorts are pulled to Jack’s thighs; his blue jockstrap is left alone. Troy places his face between Jack’s mounds of booty flesh. “Fuck yeah,” Jack moans as his hole is soaked with spit. Troy slaps that sweet ass and eats the boy hole. “Fuck, yeah,” Jack whispers. “Feels so good.” “Fuck. It’s so pretty,” Troy says as he comes up for air. Troy’s dick needs attention and Jack is willing to offer it. He gets on his knees and swallows the pole. “Fuck, yeah,” Troy moans as Jack reaches the base. He comes back for air, Troy grabs his locks, and face fucks him. “Those sweet balls,” Jack moans as he kisses Troy’s nuts. “Show me that ass again,” Troy orders. Jack gets up and leans against the weight machine. Troy gets behind him. His dick has the best lubrication around: Jack’s saliva. Troy pushes his bare cock in. He pauses and puts the rest of it in. “Oh fuck, It’s so deep,” Jack whispers. It is but that is where he wants it. Troy grabs Jack’s hips and pumps slowly. The speed picks up and Troy fucks balls deep. Jack arches his back, taking each stroke. “God, yeah,” Troy mutters as he fills Jack up. “Want to get on your back over there,” Troy asks. He leads Jack to the bench press. Jack gets on his side. Troy puts more spit in Jack’s hole then gets back in. The two kiss as Troy stretches Jack to the max. “Pound my hole,” Jack demands. Troy takes off Jack’s jockstrap and continues to hammer away. “Your cock feels so good,” Jack says. Troy changes speeds but one thing doesn’t change. Each stroke is to the balls. He leans for a kiss. “Fuck, yeah. Come with me,” Troy commands. He pulls out and the two horny hotties stroke their meats together. Troy pops first. His tasty load lands right above Jack’s pubes. When Jack cums, his juice covers his hand and dick. They mix their cum together, making out some more. It looks like our query from above is answered. 🙂 Enjoy!


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