Group Sex with Troy Accola and Levi Hatter

Troy Accola never had it better. On his stomach. His back and ass massaged by Levi Hatter, Colby Chambers, and Mickey Knox! A six hand massage. Who hasn’t dreamed of that? “If he has any stress after this, it’s going to be a miracle,” Levi jokes. From the way Troy looks, he won’t have tension for a few weeks. Colby can’t help himself, leaning in to nibble Troy’s ear. “Soft cheeks,” Colby says as his shiny head touches the opening of Troy’s hole. “Why don’t you let me rub his back a little,” Mickey asks his husband. Colby gives up his spot and sits on the top of the couch. “I’m just going to sit up here and jerk off with the rest of the crowd,” Colby states. There’s a brief discussion of how massage is very sexy. However, Mickey decides he wants more action. He puts his face between Troy’s butt cheeks. After getting Troy nice and wet, Mickey puts lube on his meat. He parts Troy’s cheeks and slowly enters him. Bare and raw. Troy doesn’t move. He just sighs with pleasure. Levi wants in on the action. He puts his ass in the air so Colby can have a good meal. Colby eventually sits down and Levi straddles him. As Levi gets used to Colby’s thick rod, Troy and Mickey are in their own world. Troy is on his back. Those sexy legs in the air. Mickey slips back in, pumping away. They decide to follow Colby and Levi’s example. Mickey sits down and Troy plays cowboy. The sounds of moaning and Colby slapping Levi’s ass fill the room. Troy and Levi ride up and down, taking all the dick their sweet asses can handle. Colby wants to take control so he grabs Levi’s cheeks, thrusting upward. Levi moans with each stroke. “Oh, fuck. Goddamn,” he sobs. “Fuck, yes. Right there.” He and Colby change positions. Colby keeps him impaled on his boner as he places him on his back. Mickey has to rearrange the camera. So Troy gets on his hands and knees, showing us his freshly fucked butt. Mickey swipes it with his tongue. “That beautiful, beautiful, perfect hole,” Mickey whispers. The video cuts to Troy on his back, getting fucked by Mickey. Colby comes in the scene and sucks Troy’s johnson. Mickey is going to the balls and nibbling on Troy’s toes. “You feel so fucking good,” Mickey says. Colby wants some of Troy too. “You going to share the Accola,” he wonders. “I might just share the Accola,” Micky replies. Colby’s cock gets into “the Accola.” ๐Ÿ™‚ The thrusts are short and strong. “Oh, fuck,” Troy sighs as Colby licks his armpits. Colby gets on his side, behind Troy. Both boys are blissed out. “We can trade back if you want,” Colby says to Mickey. “I’m having fun watching,โ€ Mickey replies, stroking his prick. However, that Accola ass is too tempting. So Mickey returns. “Oh, fuck,” Troy murmurs. “You are so deep.” Mickey alternates fucking speed because he’s ready to pop. Levi returns to the scene. Colby lubes up because he wants another go at Levi’s perky butt. All of this fucking, thrusting, and pumping is going cause seed to spurt. Troy and Colby stand over Mickey. His mouth is open to catch juice. Colby cums first. Then Troy. Mickey’s tongue is covered with their seed. After he takes a tasty gulp, Mickey jerks his meat until his stomach is covered in sweat and cum. Is there a better way for a video to end? Enjoy!


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