Calvin and Colby Massage Fuck

As we slowly emerge from these pandemic times (safety and good health to all), more and more models are returning to the ColbyKnox compound. This week’s special release starts with background music, body oil, a sun tanned back, and strong hands. The camera pulls back and those hands belong to Calvin Banks. We’ve missed Calvin and it’s so good to have him back in front of our cameras. Dude is a stud. His hands work their magic. The model under Calvin turns his face and it’s Colby Chambers. “That feels good,” he says. Calvin works every muscle and joint in Colby’s back. Eventually Calvin kneads Colby’s plump butt. Let’s be honest: there’s a whole lot to lust over about Colby. But that ass?! It’s a bountiful buffet. Calvin gets in front of a prone Colby. He looks up, unzipping Calvin’s shorts. Man meat plops out and Colby offers it oral worship. Calvin face fucks Colby, who does his best to accommodate all that dick. Calvin returns his attention to Colby’s rear, including stroking Colby’s engorged prick. “Oh, fuck yeah,” Colby whispers. He loudly moans when Calvin licks his hole. Calvin uses plenty of spit, working his tongue as deep as it can go. “Your fucking tongue is huge,” Colby says. Calvin playfully bites each cheek as he makes Colby’s man hole slippery. Pre-cum drips from Calvin’s tool. He takes a strand, coating his cock. He stands over Colby, pushing the raw head in. Colby is silent but his expression says it all. He’s getting mightily stuffed. Calvin pulls out and reenters. “Oh, fuck. You’re so big,” Colby sobs. “Just loosen up. Relax,” Calvin responds. He is fucking to the balls but is gentle. For now. “Fuck my ass,” Colby whispers. “There you go,” Calvin responds. “Fuck, yeah.” He lays on top of Colby, kissing his neck. “Shove that thing right up my ass,” Colby says. “Nice and deep,” Calvin replies. He picks up the pace. “There you go,” he says, giving Colby every inch. Colby gets up. One foot is on the ground and a knee stays on the table. “Arch that back,” Calvin says, placing a large wad of spit in Colby’s hole. When Calvin reenters, Colby’s eyes open wide. “Nice and easy,” Calvin explains. “Loosen up for me.” Calvin fucks harder. “Make room for it,” he gently commands. They change positions again. This time Colby is on his back. He strokes his hard johnson as his ass seal is busted. “I can feel your big nuts swinging,” Colby says. Calvin now fucks like the beast we know he is. “There you go, baby,” he says. He’s hitting Colby’s special spot. “Oh, my god,” Calvin says. “Slide it right in.” All of this drilling pushes Colby to the edge. “Fuck me with that big, beautiful cock.” he says. Colby cums; his seed lands on his hard stomach. All good tops make better bottoms. “Do you want to fuck a load out of me,” Calvin asks. He puts his legs in the air and Colby returns the favor. Once inside of Calvin, Colby shows no mercy. Not that Calvin wants any. “Fuck, yes,” Calvin cries. “Fuck me.” His first stream of man milk lands right over his shoulder. The rest hits his face, chest, and stomach. Colby shoots another load, depositing cum on Calvin’s puffy hole. What a perfect way to welcome Calvin back! Enjoy!

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