Tag Teaming Jack Valor

When Jack Valor visits the ColbyKnox ranch, passion exponentially increases. The long haired beauty is erotic and sultry. In today’s video, he is between Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. Colby slurps on Jack’s johnson; Mickey offers tender kisses. Colby passes dick sucking duties over to Mickey. Jack opens wide as Colby stands over him, offering meat. Jack loses the orange underwear, getting on his hands and knees. He returns to work on Colby’s knob and Mickey licks his hole. “Goddam. That fucking arch,” Colby declares. ”It’s so nice,” Mickey observes, with a big grin on his face. He knows Jack’s ass is a special, and sweet, treat. After getting it primed with some fingers, Mickey’s tool fills Jack up. All we hear from Jack are muffled moans because his mouth is stuffed with Colby’s cock. “His dick feels good,” Colby asks (referring to Mickey). “It feels so good,” Jack responds. Mickey gives long strokes, causing Jack to hold on to Colby. After using Jack’s mouth, Colby moves behind his husband. He grabs Mickey’s cheeks and pushes him into Jack. His ass is up, taking everything Mickey gives. “Oh, my fucking God,” Mickey says. “You are so tight.” Colby loves watching his man’s buns in action. He playfully smacks them and puts his bloated head at the opening of Mickey’s hole. “Your ass, baby,” Colby remarks. “It’s little jiggle. It’s so fucking hot.” Colby wants a chance at Jack’s booty. Mickey pulls out and Colby slowly stretches Jack out. “He has such a perfect, little, muscle ass,” Colby says to the live show audience. Jack, raised with good manners, whispers “thank you.” Colby alternates from gentle fucking to hole wrecking pounding. Jack is here for all of it. “Oh, fuck. It feels so good,” he sighs. It turns real intense when Colby spanks those tan cheeks. “Spank me,” Jack whispers. He has been on his stomach for awhile, so he returns to his hands and knees. In this position Colby grabs his hair, hammering away. “Oh, my God,” Jack sobs. “You’re so deep.” Colby pushes him back on his stomach, placing a foot on the side of Jack’s face. Mickey wants to get back in on the fun. Jack gets a break so Mickey can ride Colby. He faces Colby and let’s his man’s meat part his cheeks. “Holy, fucking shit,” Mickey wails. He cries as Colby fucks upward. Colby smacks those buns, making them red. Jack returns to the bed. This time on his back. He looks so sexy fingering himself as Mickey lubes up. “We’re are going to make a Mickey sammie,” Colby jokes. Mickey gets back into Jack, making the long haired cutie whimper and moan. Colby returns to pushing Mickey into Jack. He places his tool right at Mickey’s hole. Every time Mickey pulls out, Colby’s meat grazes the portal. “I’m having so much fun teasing myself,” Colby says. “Oh, fuck me,” Mickey whispers. “Please.” Mickey impales Jack and Colby impales Mickey. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” Mickey announces. “I’m going to fucking cum in you.” “Fill me,” Jack orders. As Mickey makes a deposit, inside of Jack, Colby dumps his seed all over Mickey’s ass. “I have so much cum on my butt,” Mickey jokes. “How would you like to cum,” he asks Jack. Jack gets on his back, jerking his dick. Mickey nibbles on a nipple, fingering Jack’s juicy hole. Jack shoots a load, a stream landing right below his belly button. “Bango. The magic spot,” Mickey jokes. “Thank you for the help.” Jack says. Too bad we all can’t have Mickey offering a helping hand!


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