Sexy Foursome with Grayson Lange and Troy Accola

Grayson Lange’s tongue is magic. When this week’s ColbyKnox video starts, he’s licking Colby Chambers’ hefty balls. Colby, who is sitting on that extraordinary mouth, is close to full mast. “I don’t like much ball play, but I like my balls being licked,” Colby notes. Troy Accola watches all of this action. Before Mickey Knox joins the couch there’s a historical/cultural discussion about the term “tea bagging.” “You say you wanted a massage,” he asks his husband. “I’m using Grayson’s face right now,” Colby replies. The husbands offer massages to their guests. Grayson and Troy lay on the couch, facing each other. They kiss as their backs and bums are rubbed. Colby takes care of Grayson and Mickey handles Troy. Colby reads aloud the tattoo on Grayson’s back: “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.” That line is from a 1920s prose poem called “Desiderata.” It was written by the United States author, and lawyer, Max Ehrmann. Don’t worry. We won’t get sidetracked by a literature lesson! Grayson and Troy are super relaxed; Colby and Mickey are extra excited. “I can’t stop rubbing my cock against you,” Mickey says to Troy. All of this sensuous touching has to lead somewhere. Right? Colby’s bare cock teases Grayson’s boy hole. “You’re going to want to take those off,” Grayson explains to Colby about his silver and black jock strap. “They will chafe you.” Colby ignores the advice. For now. Mickey works his way inside Troy, making the stud moan. Mickey is gentle and slow at first, nibbling on Troy’s ears. As for Colby, he follows the same playbook. Filling Grayson up to the rim, allowing his bottom boy to get adjusted to that girth. As Grayson is pounded, he and Troy continue their make out session. Then there is a shot that needs to be in a museum. Mickey shows Troy’s perfectly round booty and his dick parting those pale cheeks. “Look at that beautiful ass,” Mickey says, Meanwhile, Colby positions Grayson on his side. The pounding for this pair has picked up speed. Troy gets on his knees, offering his tool to Grayson to suck on. “Ride my dick,” Colby declares as Grayson takes some control.


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