Outdoor Flip Fuck with Grayson Lange and Troy Accola

Today’s ColbyKnox video has two site stalwarts: Troy Accola and Grayson Lange. They haven’t worked together in awhile so when the camera starts rolling they are making out in the pool. Eventually they work to the pool’s edge. Troy takes a seat. His hard dick points straight up to the blue sky. Grayson opens wide, gobbling all the meat he can. He coats Troy’s cock with spit. After some more kissing, Grayson decides to sit on Troy’s bare tool. At first it’s a tight fit, but with some effort Grayson gets it all inside. “Yeah. Ride that dick,” Troy whispers. “Oh fuck, Troy,” Grayson responds. We get a perfect view of Troy’s cock busting Grayson’s perky ass. “Why don’t you bend over,” Troy suggests. Grayson puts his knees on the pool’s steps, and his elbows on the side. This gives Troy a chance to taste that boy hole. After getting it nice and juicy, Troy parts those butt cheeks again. The fucking is balls deep. “Okay. Your turn,” Grayson says. In the next scene, Troy is sprawled out on a lawn chair. Grayson is giving him a sloppy blow job. “You like that,” Grayson wonders with a grin. “You want my dick in you.” “Yeah,” Troy responds. Versatility is the spice of life!! Troy turns on his stomach. “Fuck that hole looks nice,” Grayson notes. He lubes up and gives it to Troy. From the start, Grayson pounds deep. Troy gets perfectly nailed, loving every stroke. “Fuck you feel amazing,” Grayson says. “You feel so amazing,” Troy answers back. He ends up on his back, those fine legs in the air. Grayson jerks him off as he fucks. “Even your hand feels good,” Troy observes. Grayson is going at it so hard that’s he sweating. Which makes him look ever sexier. Who knew that was possible?! There’s only so much of this dicking down Troy can take. He explodes, leaving cum on his arm, chest, leg and stomach. Grayson keeps plowing away until he has to nut. When he pulls out, he dumps all of his copious juice on Troy’s chest and stomach. “Look at all that cum,” cameraman Mickey Knox observes. “Oh, my God.” The spent studs jump back in the pool and start where they began. Kissing. An ideal way to end a hot scene!


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