Running Out The Clock with Myott Hunter

Want to get Myott Hunter horned up and ready to play? Give him a jockstrap to sniff. In this ColbyKnox update, the cute stud is stroking his meat and smelling a strap. He’s so into it that he can’t hear Colby Chambers shouting. Colby walks into the room a little exasperated. “Again, dude. Didn’t you hear me yelling,” “I was a little distracted,” Myott replies. Colby is late for practice and needs his jock. Myott is indifferent to these problems. “You can get it back if you help.” Colby is in a hurry. He pulls down his pants and Myott sucks the ready to play beef. “You need my cock to get off,” Colby wonders. Myott’s muffles are the best answer. He slobbers on the shaft, getting it slick with spit. Colby leans down to return the favor. “Don’t forget this,” he says, pushing his jock in Myott’s face. “Breathe me in as I suck your cock.” “You smell so good,” Myott replies. Colby opens wide, swallowing Myott’s dick. He reaches over to play with Colby’s backside. He kneads and smacks the buns. “You have such a nice ass,” Myott notes as he smacks it. “Harder,” Colby orders.


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