Levi Hatter Threeway

Today we are very pleased to release a webcam video of Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, and Levi Hatter. Levi is a frequent, and welcome, guest on the ColbyKnox sofa. He nibbles on Colby’s perfect thigh as Mickey slobbers his man’s tool. Levi decides it’s time to pay attention to Colby’s nuts. When Mickey comes up for air, Colby’s hefty slab slaps Levi’s face. “Got some weight to it,” Mickey jokes. “First time I got slapped in the face by dick,” Levi responds. He gets a chance to give Colby some oral love. Mickey stands up and Levi services the husbands. “Just prepayment for a massage,” Levi notes. “Sucking dick does take all the spit out of you,” he continues, downing some water. Levi has earned a massage. He jumps on the sofa, on his stomach, and Colby and Mickey rub oil on his skin. “So this is what heaven feels like,” Levi sighs as his shoulders, back, booty, and thighs are rubbed and kneaded. Colby’s cock has stood at attention this entire time. He puts some spit in Levi’s hole, teasing him with the tip. “I think Colby is trying to massage something else,” Levi observes. “I love watching the head,” Mickey says off screen. “When you push it in and it separates his cheeks.” Colby is methodical and slow, refusing to give Levi the full force. “Trying to make him beg for it,” Colby explains to the audience. Mickey returns to the action. He kneels in front of Levi so Levi’s second opening can get filled. Mickey leans down, jiggling Levi’s buns. “Oh, my God,” Colby observes. “That feels so fucking good.” Colby is an amazing top but there’s only so much teasing he can take. He slowly puts all of his raw dong inside of Levi. “Can you hand over the lube,” Levi whispers to Mickey. “I always forget how thick you are,” he says to Colby. He puts lube on his bloated head and Levi’s hole. We get a shot of Levi. His eyes wide open, holding on with all his might. “God. Your cock is so big,” he moans. The husbands switch places. Mickey lubes up, forcing his johnson into Levi. Mickey’s strokes are slow and to the balls. “You feel so fucking good,” he moans. The pounding picks up speed. Colby returns to the sofa, behind his man. Like he did with Levi, Colby plays with Mickey’s hole. Eventually we get a “Mickey sandwich.”


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