Meet Zayne Bright

Say hello to Zayne Bright! This is his first time at ColbyKnox and he’s in the best position. On his hands and knees being felt up by Colby Chambers. He slaps Zayne’s backside. Twice. “Feels good,” Colby asks. “Oh, yeah,” Zayne replies. Colby pulls down Zayne’s shorts so Zayne can feel the full power of those whacks. “You like being on your hands and knees for me,” Colby wonders. Zayne has no complaints. 🙂 “Spank that ass until it’s red,” Colby says. His handprints are on those pretty butt cheeks. “You ever had the cum fucked out of you,” Colby inquires. “Not yet,” Zayne answers. “I’m excited.” Zayne’s hole proves irresistible. Colby licks it a few times. “Your tongue feels so good,” Zayne whispers. After getting the hole wet, Colby rubs his bare head on it. “Your ass is so tight,” he observes. “Yeah? Massage my hole, Daddy,” Zayne replies. Colby returns to eating. “You’re going to give me that ass,” he wonders. “Let me do what I want to it?” “Whatever you please,” Zayne says. He gets on his back, putting his long legs in the air. After a few more licks, Colby puts his meat in Zayne’s face. Zayne wants to suck it, but not yet. Colby rubs his balls on the newbie’s face. “Lick those big nuts,” Colby orders. After swiping the balls down, Zayn slobbers cock. First the shiny head. Then the shaft. Colby positions himself so Zayne can be face fucked.


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